The BioFM research group is part of the Institute for Multiscale Thermofluids at the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

BioFM vision

We seek to understand the mechanisms of microfluidics, develop modelling solutions, and apply them to solving the grand challenges of the world.

BioFM objectives

We shape the research field “Advanced Microfluidics Modelling” to tackle global challenges and improve the quality of life.

We create a physical understanding of microfluidics, develop numerical models and software solutions for prediction and design, and work with experimentalists and industries across the fields of engineering, biology, and medicine.

We attract research talent who will help us achieve our research vision and whom we will turn into successful scientists.

BioFM values

We uphold research ethics and integrity to the highest standard.

We are inclusive and treat all BioFM members with respect.

We listen to all BioFM members.

We provide support and constructive feedback to all group members.

We take responsibility for our research projects and allocated tasks, and we are accountable for our decisions and actions.

We can speak up if we are unhappy or in disagreement.

The BioFM group does not only provide a basis for research, but also for personal and professional development.